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Property and Financial Accounting

Our comprehensive service offer for owners and investors includes the entire accounting. We perform professional property and financial accounting for you. DGIM offers you a wide range of comprehensive services, from the handling of payment transactions, a systematic claim and cash flow management to the preparation of the documents for the owner’s tax consultants. The data is sent to your tax advisers via a DATEV interface.

DGIM has been working successfully with the professional software IX-Haus for more than 10 years. This allows us to meet real estate-specific accounting standards. At any time, we react flexibly to your individual reporting requirements and enable our customers to retrieve current, real-time object data through interfaces.

Our performance catalog includes:

  • Property accounting and payment transactions
  • Financial accounting
  • Data collection and maintenance of the property and tenant master data
  • Dunning and receivables management
  • Timely preparation of operating cost statements
  • Verification and optimization of operating costs
  • Processing of service charge invoice objections
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Financial reporting (customizable)

Reconciliation and Buyer Settlements

DGIM’s accounting department with experienced property and balance book accountants will provide you reliably with the required support in preparing the annual service charge invoices charged to tenants.

Lease Data Management

Carefully maintained master data form the basis for successful real estate management. We support you competently in managing your tenant and property data.

Accounting and Payments

As your competent partner, we provide you professional support with the commercial management of your property or entire portfolios.

Finance Reporting

With our tailor-made financial reporting, we analyze the object performance in a clear and detailed manner, from cash flow through to balance sheets and to liquidity status reports.

Receivables Management

With our sustainable receivables management, we reduce or avoid rent arrears and thus secure property/company liquidity.